About the Bait Snap

The Maahs Bait Snap was designed specifically for the needs of commercial salmon trollers.

Bill "Sonny" Maahs has been a commercial fisherman since 1949. From Noyo Harbor in California, his reputation has spread far and wide.

For many years he relied on a popular brand of bait snap, but when the manufacturer stopped making it, he sat down with a pencil and started sketching the snap he needed. After many models and tests, he developed the Bait Snap.

It starts with a roll of high-quality spring stainless steel wire, selected to have exactly the right strength and spring for the job. The bends are precisely calibrated, and the finished snap holds the bait firmly, but is still gentle on the fingers of the man who uses it.

The demand was immediate, and he soon needed to find a way to speed up manufacture. Rather than finding a manufacturer to make the snap, he invented some tools and devices to speed up the process of making the snaps by hand, and enlisted his wife Donna to help make them. Until 2017, they made each snap by hand in their home. These days  they're made by a manufacturer, but to the same exact specifications.

We won't say there's magic in these snaps, but some people might think otherwise.


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